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Trinidad Magazine Executive Guide votes Space la nouba as the BEST night club in the Caribben! The future is now...Space is the ultimate nightclub experience!

The Article as written : Space La Nouba October 2011 San Fernando

It is seldom that this magazine offers reviews. However, we couldn't resist the opportunity to share our take on one of Trinidad's premier nightclubs SPACE LA NOUBA.

The brainchild of prominent businessman Selwyn 'Bunny' Persad and the creativity of none other than celebrated local designer Brian Mc Farlane, Space la nouba was born.

The building itself is designed to give the impression of a space craft which gives the name Space la nouba credence. To gain entry into the club entails walking into the Stargate which interestingly transports you into a dimension that would make any sci-fi fan drool. Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

Taking it's cues from almost every popular sci-fi fild ever made (Star Trek, Alien, Star Warz...), the club is desgned to WOW the beholder. Every square inch is fabriated to make you feel that you are in a space ship. The word subtle does not apply here. You are immediately overwhelmed by the detailed craftsmanship that went into making this theme into a reality. Even the restrooms are a marvel to behold.

Circular in shape, the club boasts a huge dance and bar area with a mezzanine level littered with soft sofas and chairs where one can go to relax after dancing to the global montage of everything from calypso, latin, and soul of techno, which by the way is amplified by a state of the art sound system controlled from the DJ's booth overlooking the dance floor. Also state of the art is the multi million dollar lightng system that visually impresses.

Finding the perfect place to throw a party always feel like a Sisyphean task. Whether you're looking to host a dinner or graduation party for a small group or go all out with a boozy bash for 1500 of your nearest and dearest, seminars or wedding parties, SPACE has everything you need to make your event unforgettable.

Located on South Trunk Road, Gulf View, La Romaine. Dress the part, trendy and stylish and you'll fit in well at this classy joint.

We will certainly recommend SPACE nightclub to anyone wanting to have a good time.

Article written by TriniMag.

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